Thursday, December 13, 2012


To catch-up we have had a fun fall/winter so far. Memphys turned 2. We did a constriction/Tractor party and he loved everything! Especially his Hulk hands and Mask from his aunt Misty. Needless to say, everyone got a punch before they left.
For Halloween Memphys dressed up as a Rooster, and My mom scared him with her face paint...
Brandon's Grandpa passed away, and they painted some flames on the casket for him...It turned out to be so cool!
We went to the Zoo and It was super fun, especially the polar bear, Bears and the Merry go round.
We also have had Many different sets of Family pictures taken this Fall....Way too many! But they are so cute! Thanks to Ashley Wright Photography for all the beautiful images.
One of my great friends Erin took these for Memphys B-day invitation.
Carli Firth took these Beauties...We love them!
And last but not least....our santa visit was a success! Noo tears and he told santa he wanted a Semi Truck (which of course he will open on christmas...Santa is cool at our house)
I will try to be better this coming year...yea right!


Nate & Lindsey said...

He is darling! I can not believe he is already 2! You guys look great. Keep posting:)

Stephanie Rudd said...

He is so dang cute!